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  1. Before you leave, stove off position is a must take pic

  2. Can I use Klaser for notes?

  3. Capture hotel and street names in a foreign country

  4. Capture new recipes

  5. Capture the stuff you lend

  6. Car photos for the insurance company

  7. Clothing tags

  8. Don’t forget parking slot number

  9. File information when you don’t want to rewrite it

  10. How to add an item?

  11. How to check the photo's timestamp?

  12. How to create a new collection?

  13. How to create new collection when adding new item?

  14. How to create new tag folder?

  15. How to create new tag when adding new item?

  16. How to delete a collection?

  17. How to delete an item?

  18. How to delete the photo from an item?

  19. How to delete the tag folder?

  20. How to save photos in the library?

  21. How to search the item?

  22. How to share item through email?

  23. How to share item through the 'AirDrop'?

  24. How to sort collections on the collection list?

  25. How to sort tag folders on the tag list?

  26. How to switch collection from a list to grid view?

  27. How to view items from the specific location?

  28. Husband’s shopping

  29. Keep document copies with you

  30. Keep measurements of your appliance’s parts

  31. Keep photos of family license plates

  32. Kids health papers

  33. Kids observations

  34. Klaser Video Tutorial

  35. Klaser Video Tutorial

  36. Memorize recommended books

  37. Menu from nearby bar

  38. Mileage of a rented car

  39. Photo your outfits while shopping to compare

  40. Picture current medications

  41. Picture stuff you need to sell while cleaning

  42. Picture timetables while in a trip

  43. Plan your evening party outfit

  44. Plant tags

  45. Price labels of the items you want to buy

  46. Quick shot of business cards

  47. Remember dates on oil-change tag

  48. Remember makeup or hair coloring shade and its name

  49. Remember position of plugs

  50. Remember your gym schedule

  51. Run your inventory

  52. Save documents you sign

  53. Save labels of your fav wines

  54. Save proof of your valuables

  55. Save your receipts before they fade away

  56. Subway line pix

  57. Veterinary tag

  58. What can I organize with Klaser?

  59. What is Klaser?

  60. Where is my kid

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