What can I organize with Klaser?

Klaser is an app that helps you whenever you need to snap a photo of a thing, annotate it and save for later. For example, if you purchased a food item, you can have multiple pictures of the item, its receipt, the food recipe and the dish garnish all grouped together through a variety of means. 


Everyday life

● memorize recommended books
● capture new recipes
● plan your evening party outfit
● save labels of your fav wines
● picture current medications
● capture the stuff you lend
● remember position of plugs
● remember your gym schedule

Moms world

● kids health papers
● kids observations
● where is my kid SOS pic
● husband’s shopping picture tips


● run your inventory
● save proof of your valuables
● keep document copies with you
● keep photos of family license plates
● file information when you don’t want to rewrite it
● save your receipts before they fade away
● car photos for the insurance company


● picture timetables while in a trip
● mileage of a rented car
● don’t forget parking slot number
● carry family health cards, passports and visa pics
● subway line pics
● capture hotel and street names in a foreign country
● before you leave, stove off position is a must take pic



● keep measurements of your appliance’s parts
● remember dates on oil­change tag
● picture stuff you need to sell while cleaning


● price labels of the items you want to buy
● photo your outfits while shopping to compare
● menu from nearby bar
● clothing tags
● makeup or hair coloring shade and its name


● Coins
● Stamps
● Comics
● Books
● Vines
● Vinyls
● Arts
● Toys
● Sports
● Cards
● Action Figures

Watch this tutorial for more detailed info.

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